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Trump moves to quit 144-year-old postal treaty

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The US says the system for global postage charges puts the US at a disadvantage The US has announced plans to withdraw from a 144-year-old postal treaty, which the White House says lets China ship goods at unfairly low prices. Under the treaty, a UN body sets lower international […]


'Facebook baby ads taunted me after stillborn'

Facebook has apologised to a mum whose baby was stillborn after she continued to receive parent-related adverts despite triggering the settings to hide them. Anna England-Kerr wrote an open letter to the social media giant – asking them to stop bombarding her. “Your ads were unintentionally taunting me with reminders of what I’d lost,” it […]

Baby box safety doubts raised by experts

Food allergies: What a severe reaction feels like

Contaminated blood victims 'on the breadline'


Mitsubishi windows shine 'alarmingly realistic' fake sunlight

Mitsubishi has developed a new indoor lighting system that mimics blue skies, sunrises and sunsets. The company hopes the system will prove popular in offices and homes that lack natural light. BBC Click’s Dan Simmons finds out more. See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick. Source link

Would you splash out on a new phone to get VR on the go?

Twitter's 'Russia-Iran' troll tweet trove made public

Just Eat listings include takeaways given zero ratings for hygiene


Ian Kiernan: The man who wanted to clean up the world

Image copyright Fairfax Media/Getty Images Image caption Ian Kiernan founded a global anti-litter campaign Prominent environmentalist Ian Kiernan, the founder of an iconic Australian anti-litter campaign that expanded into a global success, has died aged 78. The round-the-world yachtsman began the Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World campaigns after being appalled by levels […]


A long walk: New insight into history of dogs and humans

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dogs have been going on walkies for a very long time Dogs were part of a key moment in human history – when our ancestors began trying their hand at farming. As the first farmers moved out of the Middle East, herding animals such as sheep and goats, dogs […]


Gazing monkeys image wins top wildlife photo award

Image copyright Marsel van Oosten / WPY Two snub-nosed monkeys are pictured resting on a stone and staring intently into the distance. What are they looking at, and what are they thinking? It turns out they are watching a big barney between members of their troop. This image of apparent serenity versus commotion is the […]